Strategies for boosting employee engagement in the financial services industry

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Employee engagement in financial sector has been a real challenge for almost every organization and the financial industry is no exception. Ever since the WHO officially deemed the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, companies in the financial services industry are finding themselves tolling with poor employee engagement. 

A national representative sample of 150 banking employees revealed that a little over one-third of those surveyed were identified as being “Fully Engaged” while about 1 out of 7 were found to be “Disengaged”. At the same time, the “Disengaged” and the “Partially Disengaged” groups totalled 65% of the workforce.(2)

In this eBook, we have attempted to give insights on Employee engagement in the financial services industry or banking institutions, employee engagement challenges, and how HR technology improves employee engagement. This eBook covers:

  • The Role of Employee Engagement in the Financial Sector
  • Employee Engagement Challenges in the Financial Services Industry
  • Drivers of Employee Engagement 
  • How HR technology is driving employee engagement

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Employee engagement in financial services industry ebook

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