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Zimyo is a one-stop solution for all your HR needs. Zimyo manages the life cycle of an employee from the date of joining till he retires, which makes it a leading HR & Payroll software in Kolkata.  





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Transform your HR department by opting for the best HR & Payroll Software in Kolkata 

Core HR

Adopt automation in your workplace and get rid of unnecessary administrative burden by opting for the best HRMS in Kolkata.

Customized Workflows

Save time, improve workforce efficiency, and cut down on the resources spent on repetitive and manual tasks with highly customized workflows.

Employee Helpdesk

Increase employee satisfaction by 2X by addressing their queries or grievances in no time with the best HR & Payroll software in Kolkata.

Asset Management System

Manage your assets and maintain a track record of all equipment vital for business operations with the best HR & Payroll software in Kolkata.

Run payroll in minutes

Run payroll in minutes with 100% accuracy and give a boost to your employee satisfaction levels with the best payroll software in Kolkata.

Payroll Compliances

Leave all non-compliance worries behind and manage your payroll activities complying with the laws with Zimyo payroll software. 

Benefits & Reimbursements

A tech-driven financial platform that allows employers to offer the best employee benefits- from insurance to personal loans to retirement options, etc. 

Minimum Wages

Reduce inequality, boost employee morale and create a positive work culture by ensuring fair pay by opting for the best HR & Payroll software in Kolkata.

Expense Management System

Expedite your reimbursement process and streamline your expense management process with the best expense management software.

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An HR payroll software automates all the HR and payroll tasks including release of employee salary, statutory bonus, taxations, payslips, reports, and other conveyance if required.

The benefit of using an automated payroll system is to have a smooth workflow and high accuracy. If you are interested to onboard an HR software to get rid of tedious HR tasks, contact us – 

In this fast growing world, HR technology have become a must-have element to outcry your competitor. Companies are onboarding payroll software for best employee experience and benefits to retain top talent and increase productivity.

It is observed that reducing human efforts and relying on technology has proven to be more accurate in running payroll.

The cost of payroll software starts with Rs. 60 per employee per month with limited features. You can explore other growth and enterprise plans which offer more features . The best approach would be to first set your requirements and then our customer success team will come up with best option for you.

There are four steps involved in payroll reconciliation process –

  1. Assess Your Payroll Data
  2. Analyze Salaries As Well As Pay Rates
  3. Keep An Eye On Working Hours
  4. All Deductions Should Be Accurate

Zimyo is one of the leading HR and payroll software in Kolkata. Zimyo’s payroll management software ensures: 

  1. Increased efficiency: Zimyo HR & Payroll software is automated and cloud-based, HR managers can manage HR activities and process payroll much faster, easily, and efficiently. 
  2. Accuracy in every process: Automated salary calculations ensure accurate and timely salary transfers. Use of automation in managing HR activities also results in reduced manual work. Thus reducing the chances of manual errors. You can also generate salary slips through the dynamic workflows. 
  3. Data Security: Cloud-based unified HRMS and Payroll software help store data automatically on servers that are safe and secure.
  4. Zero-error Computation: Automated salary computations leave no room for errors. 
  5. Dynamic Workflows: You can create dynamic workflows with Zimyo HR and Payroll software. HR leaders can set up custom processes that suit their organizations’ needs. These dynamic workflows result in enhanced efficiency and less errors. 

If you are a payroll manager then you need to know a few payroll terms and some of them are as follows:

  • Compensation: Compensation means paying employees for their work. It can include wages, bonuses, employee benefits, incentives, etc.  
  • Deduction: The amount of money that an employer withhold from an employee’s pay for taxes, benefits, etc.
  • Gross wages: Also, known as basic salary, the gross wage is the amount an employee receives before deductions.
  • Net wages: Otherwise known as Take-Home Pay, or Net Pay, the net wage is the amount an employee receives after deductions are taken out.
  • Statutory Compliances: Statutory compliance refers to the legal framework which  organizations must adhere with regard to the treatment of their workers or employees. 

An EIN or Employer Identification Number is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS to keep track of a business’s tax reporting. An employer can get his/her EIN by applying online or faxing/mailing Form SS-4 to the IRS.