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Core HR

Say goodbye to endless reams of paperwork, manual activities, and unnoticed errors with the best HR software in Bangalore

Customized Workflows

Create highly customizable workflows to manage your day-to-day HR operations and increase your HR team’s efficiency by 2X.

Employee Helpdesk

Allow your employees to raise tickets and your managers to resolve them for different queries or issues related to HR, payroll, admin, etc. 

Asset Management Software

Digitize your asset management process and reduce maintenance expense,  and track, manage and report on the state of all your vital assets. 

Run payroll in few clicks

Automated calculations, deductions, and compliance management make Zimyo one of the best payroll software provider in Bangalore.

Payroll Compliances

Our statutory compliant payroll software helps you keep your brand reputation intact and safeguard your business from hefty fines or penalties. 


Benefits & Reimbursements

With our payroll software, we are enabling organizations to offer enticing employee benefits to their employees. 

Minimum Wages

Motivate your employees to perform at their best by ensuring a fair pay and boost  employee retention. 

Expense Management

Manage, track, and reimburse expense claims with the best HR & payroll software in Bangalore. 

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There are various functions of payroll like – 
1. Calculation of the salary of each employee, as per the contract
2. Tax deductions and bonuses as per the employee delivery of work
3. Deductions of pension and other benefit schemes
4. Maintaining the payslip document records
5. Announcement of new schemes and policies

Payroll is very crucial for a company, as employees are dependent on their wage for food, shelter, bills and many more.

Companies can’t afford to delay the salaries just because of minor errors. 

HR software will help you simplify payroll procedure, increases productivity, elimination of human errors, and fosters the company growth.

The cost of the payroll software starts with dynamic plan with ₹60/- per month per employee, the other two plans are growth and enterprise.

You can choose the most appropriate plan as per your requirements and needs, each plan consists some features and as you move up, you get additional features.

For more info, you can visit – https://www.zimyo.com/pricing/

First step is to divide the working minutes by 60. Suppose your employee has worked for 20 hrs and 15 min. during the whole week.

Now, divide the total number of minutes by 60 in order to get the decimal. So, for this pay period, the employee has worked for around 20.25 hrs.

Zimyo is one of the best payroll software in Bangalore. With Zimyo payroll software you can

  • Manage payroll activities, review payroll reports, store payroll data, keep yourself regulatory compliant and  streamline your payroll process. 
  • Pay accurately and timely by automating salary calculations and statutory deductions. 
  • Identify payroll issues and collaborate with email alerts and strong workflows that flag issues to avoid the inevitable payroll problems.
  • Save time for your managers or supervisors, so they can focus more on  customer service or product quality. 


There are many different categories of employees depending on the kind of work they do and the kind of compensation they are entitled to. Broadly, employees are classified between two major categories-  “exempt” and “non-exempt” employees. 

The major difference between the two is the difference between their compensation method. 

Non-exempt employees, usually involved in blue collar jobs and manual labor, are generally paid wages on an hourly basis and are also paid for overtime. 

Exempt employees, usually involved in administrative office work, are generally paid monthly or annual salaries and they are not entitled to overtime. 

An employer must withhold the following payroll taxes from an employee’s salary:

  • Federal income tax
  • Social Security tax
  • Medicare tax
  • State income tax (if applicable)
  • Local income tax (if applicable)