Generation-Z Zoomers | Meaning and Definition

What is Generation-Z Zoomers?

Gen Z or Generation Z, also colloquially called Zoomers, probably refers to the generation who were born between the mid to late 1990 and 2010. Generation Z is a generation of succeeding millennials and the preceding Alpha generation.

What is the gen-z age range?

The generation z age range is from 12 years to 32 years as of 2022, and most of the generation z members were the children of the generation x members.

Like the previous generations, Generation Z members have many unique characteristics that best define them. Gen z born members have high exposure to digital technology than previous generations. The Gen Z consumers in this digital technology have access to information they need in a short time span and in a concise manner. In other words, Generation Z is also called the hyper-connected generation, and this is because generation z members grew up with digital technology, smartphones, and social media usage.

Why is it called Generation Z?

The term Generation Z follows the previous two generations (i.e.) generation X and generation Y. Generation Y is lately called millennials, and it is thought that both Gen X and Gen Z will emerge over the years by giving a clear picture.

Some of the qualities of Generation Z members are:

  • The members of gen z are technologically advanced.
  • They are independent and self-reliant.
  • They care about their environment.
  • They don’t care about diversity.
  • The zoomers or gen z members will fight for justice.
  • They are highly competitive and have no religion.
  • They tend to be pragmatic.