Managing and Inspiring Performance in The New World of Work

Tuesday | 9th February

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Simin Askari

Simin Askari

VP-Corporate HR &Business Excellence,
DS Group

Kumar Mayank

Kumar Mayank


Sonal Kapur

Sonal kapur

Head HR,
Modern Foods

Discussion Points:

Here are some Key Takeaways from the session:

Leading IT companies have adopted a more organic approach to managing performance. The focus has shifted from talking about people to talking with people in open conversations. The new performance approach is focused on improving discussions, having frequent check-ins, and creating a developmental focus.In the new hybrid workplace
    • Agile Goal setting is the direction of the New Age Performance Management system
    • OKRs – (Objectives and Key Results) are going to lead the way. For some companies, OKRs are public so that everyone in the organization can see what others are working on. The objectives have to be quantifiably recorded on a shared technology platform and tie to the larger organizational goals
    • Technology infrastructure will play a crucial role in reimagining the Performance Management System. Most companies have adopted an HR tech solution to enable goal setting and recording performance and feedback
    • While OKRs will rule the roost – there will be a hybrid approach to ratings as part of the Performance Appraisal process- Most organizations won’t do away with ratings
    • Continuous feedback in form of development dialogs will take prominence even more in the Hybrid workplace.
    • Managers’ role is key and the ability to give feedback is going to be of immense significance. There will be an increased focus on building managerial capability to not evaluate performance but be a coach to the team
    • While delinking compensation from the performance appraisal was raised, which may be an idea ahead of its time, that may make the system less intimidating for employees