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Our Vision

At Zimyo, our vision is to empower Leaders & Organizations across the world to offer true ‘employee experience’ to their employees, helping them get the best out of their workforce, drive higher engagement and build a differentiating human capital advantage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every business to achieve more using our Products & Solutions. We believe in a cloud-first world, building solutions that cover the entire spectrum of SaaS Solutions. We envisage driving the next technology revolution that will enable our customers with the right tools to excel in times to come.

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Our Values

Our values define who we are and what we stand for. We believe that organizational values are a necessity for efficient working. These values must be aligned in a manner that benefits all. The Zimyo tribe stands for striving hard to make a measurable impact in the life of our customers with our services and solutions. Some fundamental beliefs of our organization are as follows

  • Passionate/Purposeful
  • Ownership and Accountability
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Intellectual Humility
  • Executional Agility 
  • Customer Centricity

Origin of the idea of Zimyo – The ‘Why’

I am sure most of you would have experienced this common day phenomenon – 

When employees opt for financial assistance in a personal capacity, post a lot of haggling, it eventually ends up with them getting a very raw deal – On the other side, if the Organization is getting this benefit availed for its workforce (Currently, only large scale Enterprises have the liberty & means to actualize this), the difference in commercials is quite substantial (not to mention, it saves a lot of dignity for Employees, sparing them of unnecessarily hassles & haggling). This is true for everything that impacts Employees monetarily – Credit Cards, Insurance, Financial Assistance, Health & Wellness Solutions, Retirement Benefits, Medical Coverages etc.

That’s the problem Zimyo is solving –  translating Organizational Trust, Equity & Employee Engagement into comprehensive benefits & incentives that most Organizations can offer to their employees, their families to improve their quality of lives (that’s employee experience for us in ‘truest’ sense), within & outside their workplaces. 

At Zimyo, we are doing this in phases – a) Disrupting the HRTech  b) Building a great employee experience  c) Innovations with FinTech

In the HRTech space, Zimyo offers businesses an end to end platform for HR, Payroll, Performance, Engagement and Benefits, that helps organizations reduce employee attrition, increases retention & employee engagement by 2.5 – 3x. It improves business performances through its dynamic workflows and delivers in-depth analytics that lets you take critical workforce decisions on a daily basis. All of Zimyo’s Clients are able to generate their employee’s payslips in just 3 simple clicks, on any scale & with industry-leading accuracy. 

Delivering a great employee experience is all about being intuitive, offering deep insights into behavioural patterns & impacting employee performance & business outcomes directly. 95% of our partners found Zimyo the easiest platform to switch and set-up their complex processes in the shortest turnaround time.

Innovation in FinTech: At Zimyo, we are converging payroll, insurance, employee benefits, health & wellness, performance, & monetizing the organizational trust on employees, by building a financial support ecosystem, availing delightful employee experience, at both, within the organization & outside the organization.