Software Security Engineer | JD Template

We need a professional Security Engineer to assess software designs and implementations from a security standpoint, as well as detect and fix security vulnerabilities. To produce strong and trustworthy software, you will integrate appropriate security analyses, defenses, and countermeasures at each level of the software development lifecycle.

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Educational Qualification 

  • Work experience as a software security engineer
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline is required.

Skills required for the job

  • Detailed technical understanding of authentication and authorisation methodologies, standards, and state-of-the-art capabilities, as well as applied cryptography, security flaws, and remediation
  • Experience developing software in one of the core languages listed below: Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript, and.NET are all examples of programming languages.
  • Knowledge of web-related technologies (Web applications, Web Services, and Service-Oriented Architectures) as well as network/web-related protocols is required.

Job Responsibilities

  • In accordance with the technical reference architecture, implement, test, and operate advanced software security mechanisms.
  • To increase software security, conduct ongoing security testing and code reviews.
  • Issues should be troubleshooted and debugged.
  • To assist in the mitigation of security vulnerabilities, provide engineering blueprints for new software solutions.
  • Contribute to the architecture at all levels
  • Keep track of technical documentation.
  • Secure coding methods should be discussed with team members.
  • Familiarize yourself with new tools and best practices.


Company Offerings

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