Mail Clerk | Job Description Template

A Mail Clerk is needed to sort, handle, and deliver envelopes and packages. 

You must be hardworking and dependable in this position. When dealing with urgent mail or postage issues, you should have strong attention to detail, solid reading abilities, and the ability to stay cool and productive. 

Your mission will be to ensure that our mail arrives in good shape to its intended destination.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • Diploma from a high school is preferable

Skills Required for the job

  • Experience as a Mail Clerk or Office Clerk is required. 
  • Knowledge of mail sorting and postage metre devices is preferred. 
  • Good computer abilities; well-organized; able to operate under pressure; good communication and literacy skills 

Job Responsibilities

  • Sort mail by department, location, or category. Sign for receiving registered or certified mail (e.g. bills, notices, personal) 
  • Stamp the receipt and write the sender’s name on it. 
  • Keep track of the weight, return address, and description of all receiving packages. 
  • Collect and prepare mailable correspondence (e.g. applying appropriate stamps, verifying addresses) 
  • Correct and reroute misplaced mail if necessary. Arrange for express delivery if necessary. 
  • Individuals or departments should get mail. 
  • Keep track of your mailroom supplies (e.g. stamps, envelopes, address labels)

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

Other Benefits- (….)