Loan Processor | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a dependable Loan Processor to execute company or individual loan appraisals. You will act as a go-between for potential customers and our financial institution. The goal is to assist qualified candidates in obtaining loans in a timely manner while also protecting our company’s reputation. Analysis, appraisal, and evaluation of loan applicants, as well as preparing and finalizing contracts, are all part of the job responsibilities of a loan processor.

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Educational Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or a related discipline is required.
  • Working experience as a Loan Processor is required, as well as a working knowledge of banking software and MS Office. The candidate must also have an understanding of direct and indirect lending methods. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Detailed knowledge of all applicable rules and regulations 
  • Excellent sales and communication skills 
  • Achieve a balance between client happiness and a result-oriented approach. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Examine potential borrowers’ applications extensively to make an initial assessment. 
  • Conduct background checks on candidates to determine their creditworthiness. Interview applicants to determine their loan or mortgage eligibility. 
  • Develop loan repayment plans based on all eligible financial and non-financial parameters. 
  • Clients should be followed up with to explain crucial points. 
  • Give qualified candidates the “green light” and make decisions based on strong reasoning. 
  • Complete loan contracts and keep customers up to date on restrictions and responsibilities. 
  • Maintain a current understanding of loans and other financial services. 
  • Record creation and renewal 
  • Determine the needs of the consumer, consider all choices, and make recommendations for various forms of loans. 
  • Develop dependable referral networks, offer alternate channels, and cross-sell products and services. 
  • Build trusting relationships with customers and increase their loyalty. 
  • Work within the confines of the law.

Company Offerings

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