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We’re seeking a Data Manager that can supervise the development and implementation of data systems. You’ll learn how to organize, store, and analyze data efficiently while maintaining security and confidentiality.

A skilled data manager has a thorough understanding of the complexities of data administration. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in databases and data analysis techniques. You’ll also be tech-savvy and have great troubleshooting abilities.

The goal is to ensure that information flows to and from the organization in a timely and secure manner.

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Educational Qualification 

  • Proven track record as a data manager
  • BSc/BA in computer science or a related discipline is required.

Skills required for the job

  • Excellent understanding of data management and administration functions (collection, analysis, distribution etc.)
  • Modern database and information system technologies are familiar to you.
  • Microsoft Office savvy (Excel, Access, Word etc.)
  • Problem-solving abilities and an analytical attitude
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities

Job Responsibilities

  • Make policies for successful data management and enforce them.
  • Formulate approaches for high-quality data gathering to assure data adequacy, accuracy, and legitimacy. 
  • Develop and implement efficient and secure data processing and analysis procedures that take into account all technical considerations.
  • Establish data sharing norms and procedures with senior management, external stakeholders, and others.
  • Assist others in using data systems on a daily basis and verify that legal and company requirements are followed.
  • When needed, assist with reporting and data extraction.
  • Monitor and analyze data and information systems, as well as their performance, to find ways to improve them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)
  • Ensure that digital databases and archives are safe against data loss and security breaches.
  • Troubleshoot data-related issues and give permission for maintenance or changes.

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