Curriculum Designer | Job Description Template

To create interesting educational courses that meet our objectives for staff training and development, we are looking for a curriculum designer. 

The duties of a curriculum designer include determining the most effective teaching strategies, setting deadlines, and creating training materials in both physical and digital versions. We’d like to meet you if you have experience organizing educational programs and are comfortable with both traditional classroom settings and online learning environments. 

By developing a curriculum that our employees will learn, you will ultimately close the skills and knowledge gaps in our organization.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Possession of a BSc in Instructional design, educational technology, or a closely related discipline
  • employment as a curriculum designer, instructional designer, or in a position related 

Skills Required for the job 

  • practical knowledge of learning management systems (LMS) 
  • knowledge of video editing software and the fundamentals of HTML and Flash programming 

Job Responsibilities

  • Do company-wide skills gap evaluations 
  • Create a thorough educational schedule that includes dates, subjects, and the number of hours needed for each course. 
  • Make interesting training materials (videos, quizzes and activities) 
  • Establish learning goals for each course. 
  • Establish evaluation standards 
  • Prepare physical and online resources for trainers and students. 
  • Give instructions and manuals on how to use the online training materials 
  • After each course, follow up with the teachers and students to get feedback. 
  • Count the expense of your training. 
  • Look into and suggest contemporary teaching strategies (e.g. gamification)

Company Offerings

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