How to keep up with productivity during work from home

If back at the time you were told to work from home then that might have sounded like a dream job. Staying at home and working remotely is a dream of everyone if they get equal pay that they receive while working onsite. Working from home seems comfortable and easy and it reduces the time of traveling and traveling expenses as well but, is working from home productive? Does it have a better experience? Working from home with the same pay as onsite sounds like a cake with a cherry on top but now during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that it isn’t a good experience, and it’s not consistent as well. COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle and work from home is the new common thing, maybe the only option left. One of the biggest challenges during this scenario is maintaining work-life balance. Staying motivated and consistent during work from home isn’t that easy and enjoyable. However, there are few ways by which working from home can be as productive as working at the office but, that requires efforts from both management and employees. Here are some tips which can help you give the ‘best of you’ during work from home.

Get dressed for work

There are many inconveniences caused by this pandemic but, people have found some positive perks as well. People think working from home means you don’t have to dress up and you can move around in pajamas and work while listening to music in the background, watching movies or series but, unfortunately, you can’t. You need to dress up and be disciplined to succeed in work from home sessions. The best practice is to dress up like you are going to the office. Make dressing up a habit, Scientists also recommends dressing up for video conferences rather than be in your PJs. Scientifically it manipulates your mind to be into work mode.

Create an office like ambiance

Work from home also offers some advantages like you can design your own space, which best suits you that sometimes isn’t possible in the office. Create a personalized cozy yet productive working space. Open windows and make way for natural lights while avoiding too much intensity to cause glare on your computer screen.

Set boundaries

It is hard but try to avoid every possible distraction at your home because even a minor distraction can kill your productivity by messing up with the flow of your work. Do whatever is possible to separate your working space from living one.

According to recent research by Michigan state university, three-second disturbance can double the number of mistakes in work. Isolate yourself from kids, siblings, and especially your phone. Get away from your phone and instead take a notebook and pen and try to write down whatever is possible.

Mental health is important

Apart from anxiety and depression from this lethal pandemic, remote workers can also be prone to times of poor metal health. According to a UN report in 2017, it is found that remote workers are more likely to experience a high-stress level than office workers. They usually clock more office hours, emails are sometimes misinterpreted and work dominates in the cycle of work-life balance.
Switch off the laptop at the end of the day and do some enjoyable activities for mood elevation. If you are becoming anxious switch to reading books, watching TV shows, and any other creative pursuit. In case you suffer from acute moments of anxiety and panic, practicing breathing techniques and some meditation can help.


Stay connected to friends and peers

Take time to catch up with friends and family and get to know them more. “Remember we are social animals and we love to be around other people which does not necessarily mean to be in physical proximity. It means being connected that could be via social media, video calls, phone calls, or playing games on multiplayer mode according to psychology one of the reasons why people go to work is that we love being around other people.

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