Structured Interview | Meaning and Definition

What is a structured interview? 

The most systematized sort of interview is the structured interview. Unlike semi-structured as well as unstructured interviews, the host asked planned questions in a predetermined order.

Closed-ended interviews are common in structured interviews. They can be binary or multiple-choice, with participants answering “yes” or “no” to each question. Although open-ended structured interviews certainly exist, they are not widely used. You can compare responses across individuals in a uniform setting by presenting set questions in a predefined pattern. It can be a very helpful explanatory or experimental research tool because it can help you see trends as well as highlight the areas for additional research.

When should you conduct a structured interview?

You already have a great comprehension of your subject, so you’re ready to create excellent organized questions.

You have a limited amount of time or resources and must analyze your data quickly.

Your study question is predicated on high participant parity and constant environmental circumstances.

Conducting and analyzing a structured interview is simple. By asking the same set of questions, possible biases are reduced as well as analysis is less ambiguous. It’s a task you can probably accomplish on your own, as long as you stay organized.

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