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Soft HRM-Hard HRM | Meaning and Definition

What is Soft HRM-Hard HRM?

These two are the methods involved in Human Resource Management and are opposite each other. Soft HRM deals with the human and emotional side of the HRM, keeping in mind that numerous people are working in the organization with some goals and emotions attached to it. Soft HRM is a method of encouragement for the employee working in the organization to focus on their potential and ability through various methods such as: 

  • Transparency in the business
  • Working in a democratic management style
  • Communication takes place in two ways
  • Programs on training the individuals for growth and development in the career

Hard HRM deals with the opposite side of Soft HRM that doesn’t focus on the needs and emotions of the employees. The method thinks of the employees as a resource that the company needs for growth and development in the market. The practices involved in Hard HRM are: –

  • Based on the employee’s performance, i.e., positive and negative, the evaluation systems will work for the employees.
  • The system of Leadership that is hierarchical

●  There will be just one-way communication among the employees and the management.

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