Self Review | Meaning and Definition

Review definition

A review is either a survey or examination of what someone knows about themselves. For example, if a supervisor decides to increase an employee’s salary, the supervisor checks for the employee’s performance and decides to appraise the salary.

Self-Analysis meaning

It is to look back at your past performance and document them by specifying the ways to improve your future growth or opportunities in your current position.

Why do organizations need self-review? – Your organization doesn’t know what you are doing on a daily basis. So, they want to hear it from you, and your manager’s review (sometimes your peer reviews too) is needed to check your performance for the given responsibilities. If HR is not satisfied with your performance, they can issue red flags to address it. Self-review is the only way to track your performance level and accomplishments in a single place. You will be more alert to yourselves; in short, self-awareness is achieved by doing a self-review.

What are the general parameters captured in self-review?

Ø  Accomplishments in the past year – Employees need to list down their accomplishments over the last year against the target/goals provided by the supervisor. It may also be against the organizational goals or team target.

Ø  The new task undertaken – What are the new/additional tasks undertaken by the employees since their last appraisal duration.

Ø  Creativity or initiatives – What are the new initiatives or ideas undertaken by the employee that help to achieve individual/team/organizational goals.

Ø  Areas of improvement needed – List down the areas of improvement needed which could help the employee with the career advancement and support requirements for a regular job.

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