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Screening | Meaning and Definition

Screening Definition

As a human resource in your organization, you just need to find the candidate’s profile that perfectly fits the job position. If it is the right fit, then it benefits your organization; else not.

It is a process of reviewing the job applications in order to find out the right candidate for the organization. Overall it includes screening processes such as screening the cover letter, the applicant’s qualification, work experience, and skills.

What is a screening process?

The screening process in the recruitment are:

Ø  Write a job description. If that is not your job, ask your manager to include a set of keywords in the description to find out the qualified candidate.

Ø  Once creating the job description, get approval from the respective subordinate and post it on your job board.

Ø  Add the keywords in the software, the applications will be fetched, and you can quickly check by scanning the specific keywords. The suitable candidate list will be identified with the help of a screening process with minimum requirements.

There are three steps you have to follow to look out for a suitable candidate for a particular position.

Ø  Check for the basic requirements.

Ø  Scanning of qualification.

Ø  Match the candidate’s picture to the job position.

A candidate’s screening process is done to validate whether the candidate has met the minimum requirements to move to the next level of the hiring process or whether the candidate is not suitable for the position. In other words, if the candidate is not suitable for the role, the application gets rejected.

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