Remote Onboarding | Meaning and Definition

What is Remote Onboarding?

By implementing technology of video calls and tech tools, remote onboarding helps to establish a new employee as an effective and contributing member of the team by familiarizing them with the company’s cultures and policies. 

Having a seamless onboarding process is similar to booking a hotel room. In the lobby, you are greeted by someone who is happy to see you. They assist you with booking a room, and you get acclimated to the hotel room. They ensure that the room is comfortable and that you are able to accommodate them safely and comfortably.

New hires should benefit from remote onboarding in the following ways:

  •       Acquire a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  •       Become familiar with the online platform that will be used.
  •       Become familiar with the policies, practices, and procedures of the company.
  •       Get to know the team.

Employees residing in different parts of the country or city benefit from remote onboarding. By doing so, incoming hires will be able to easily adjust to newly assigned new positions. An effective, long-term employee will be more likely to contribute to the company’s success if the remote onboarding process is smooth for the new employee.

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