Recruiting Software | Meaning and Definition

What is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is a type of software that helps the company optimize the process of hiring, finding the talents and candidates for the job role, screening the resumes, and finally sending the offer letters to the selected candidates. Recruiting software is also sometimes referred to as Application Tracking System or ATS. They are theoretically not the same exactly. Recruiting software consists of an Application Tracking System and other tools that are helpful in the hiring process during every single phase of the organization. 

CRM recruiting, i.e., candidate relationship management recruiting, a software similar to Application Tracking System is responsible for organizing the applications for different job roles. At the same time, CRM deals with improving the relationships with the talented candidates of the organization. 

Various functions of recruiting software:

  •     Sourcing: The sourcing process helps the company’s recruiters select talented and eligible candidates for the company.
  •     Selection: The process of selecting eligible candidates for the company becomes quicker with the help of the screening and selection process.
  •     Engagement: Engagement helps the recruiters keep the candidates engaged during the hiring process.
  •     Hiring: Recruiting software is usually preferred by the company to improve the hiring process and remove the gap between the experience of the candidates and employees.
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