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Purple Unicorn | Meaning and Definition

What is a purple unicorn?

Purple Unicorn is a term that is widely used when describing the skills and experiences that a certain candidate profile possesses. What sets these skills and experiences apart from other normal and regular skills is the fact that these skills and experiences are so rare that they are almost impossible to find in the remaining employees of a firm or company or agency. Their rarity is so very unique that those skills and abilities can almost be described as mythical. Just like finding a purple Unicorn is close to impossible as they are mythical creatures, in that same way candidate profiles with skills and experiences as rare as finding a purple Unicorn.

Now purple unicorns can be generally classified into two different types. The first type being the Pink which are basically passive candidates and the other type being Wings candidates, which are the active candidates.

Pink unicorns are simply a type of purple unicorn. Pink unicorns are usually preferred as they are likely to be much happier and much more engaged as well as productive all the while being extremely elusive employees and or workers who are always open to taking on new activities. But despite having so many qualities these pink unicorns have not spent time looking for a proper job. And hence it is a known fact now that pink unicorns do not look for new jobs.

Why should you target purple unicorn while hiring?

When you are looking for an open job role in the company, a unicorn check all the metrics required. It can make an impact on your company as they have the potential to climb the corporate ladder. A unicorn leader provides a competitive advantage. 

It is necessary to define what is unicorn for your business as needs of every company differs. Traits that seem to be too good might not be. 

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