Mindfulness At Work | Meaning and Definition

What is Mindfulness At Work?

Let’s start by stating the mindfulness definition. To put it simply, mindfulness refers to consciousness, where a person is aware of whatever’s happening outside and inside of them. Mindfulness at the workplace would refer to the same thing practiced at the workplace. It is defined as the process of becoming aware of one’s surroundings in the current moment without being judgemental.

Mindfulness allows employees to deal with different challenges at work in a relaxed and poised manner. They tend to embark on projects and tasks with higher motivation and concentration along with greater commitment.


How does mindfulness help?

Practicing mindfulness is a healthier way to drain out stress. Meditation and other activities of mindfulness activate our PNS which then triggers the release of acetylcholine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for providing relaxation and lowering the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, hormones related to stress.


Workplace stress is inevitable, and employees generally tend to react badly to it instead of acting calm and sorting things out. Practicing mindfulness helps in becoming resilient, happy, creative, and improving immunity. Since mindfulness does so much by rewiring our brains to react in a healthy way to stress, it inevitably results in low absenteeism, boosts productivity, and enhances interpersonal relationships.


There are some things HR should consider to help the employee make the most of mindfulness practice. First off, employees must be convinced of the perks of the mindfulness journey. Once done with this part, the employees need to participate in a mindfulness program arranged at the workplace. And finally, collaborate and discuss with the mindfulness coaches the needs of your business and the problems unique to your workers.


Mindfulness has emerged as a powerful tool, so appreciated by HR managers and professionals for eradicating work-related stress from its roots early on instead of grappling with shooing away the symptoms later.

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