Injunction Relief | Meaning and Definition

What is an injunction?

An injunction is a judicial order that prohibits an individual from starting or continuing a particular course of action that invades the legal right of another or forces a person to carry out a particular act.

What is injunctive relief?/Define Injunctive Relief.

Injunctive relief is an order from the court that restrains an individual or a whole organization from continuing an action. It is also possible the other way around that an injunction (judicial order) may also compel an identity to make a specific action.

Injunctive relief prevents or limits certain actions that cause damage or affect another entity. Injunctive relief is taken into action, especially when monetary compensation is not ample to correct one’s mistake.

Types of Injunction

There are two variables by which it can be categorized: the Effect and the Permanency.

Types Under Effects

  •     Prohibitory Injunctions: By this, a company or an individual is prohibited from taking a specific action.
  •     Mandatory Injunctions: This compels the party to perform a certain action to correct their wrongdoing.


Types Under Permanency

  •       Permanent Injunctions: These do not follow a fixed duration and are set at the end of a trial.
  •       Preliminary/Temporary Injunctions: These are made at the start of a trial to prevent harm to the prosecuting party by the defending party during proceedings.
  •       Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO): These last for a brief time, like two weeks, and can be renewed.

Injunction Example

It is often for settling a dispute such as breach of contract, bankruptcy, theft of clients, intellectual property infringement, its misuse, and others.

Purpose of Injunctive Relief

Injunctive relief is often with the major purpose of preventing any sort of harm from occurring to the victim party in the future. Even after the Injunctive Relief, if the offending party continues to perform the action, they are charged with heavy ransom or may be sentenced to jail.

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