Hiring Manager | Meaning and Definition

Who is a Hiring Manager?

A hiring manager is a firm employee who is in charge of hiring workers to sign unfilled positions. It’s usually a person from the department where the employee will be employed who will be the prospective employee’s immediate boss.

Employment managers collaborate with recruiters and HR managers to supervise the recruitment and hiring of new employees. Their primary purpose is to choose and hire the individual with the finest qualities and attributes.

Hiring managers and recruiters are frequently confused. While both are involved in the recruiting process, things that they are responsible for are different from each other and do not overlap.


Recruiters are in charge of assembling a pool of candidates for a specific vacancy. Choosing managers are then in charge of selecting and hiring candidates.

As a result, a professional recruiter’s task is to make the hiring manager’s selection extremely difficult. Recruiters also avoid the danger of introducing people who are unqualified into the company by compiling a list of just the top candidates.

Hiring managers, alongside finding the best possible candidates, work as a liaison between candidates and the firm, particularly during contract talks. Moreover, if the hiring manager finds that none of the prospects are suitable for the position, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to get that information to the recruiter, who will find a new candidate pool.

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