Headhunter | Meaning and Definition

Who is a Headhunter?

The practice of going through the best potential applicant for a post is done by headhunting, and the process is also known as executive search. Headhunting is used by companies to fill executive positions or the company’s top positions, such as chief executive officer. A headhunter is a specialist who may assist in the recruitment of highly skilled persons to fill open positions. They usually work for agencies, although they can also be hired by businesses when they need to fill senior roles. 

Headhunting is unusual in that it is geared toward professionals who work for another organization or are not actively looking for work. These are not active applicants but rather passive candidates. While this might be difficult, it is an excellent way to locate individuals with the necessary certifications and skills. To entice a recruit to join their team, companies frequently pay competitive rates and provide perks. 

Typically, the recruiting and headhunting team is approached by the CEO or another corporate executive to discuss the need for a new employee. The transition between the existing and new employees is sometimes kept private, especially in the case of high-level executives in major businesses. When seeking candidates, headhunters must sometimes use extreme caution.  

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