Ghosting | Meaning and Definition

What is ghosting?

It means ending a relationship with someone suddenly by not giving them any explanation or warning regarding the ending of communication. The term is often used by employers

What is Employee ghosting? – The act of ending all the communications between the employee and the employer is called Employee ghosting. The primary goal is to end the communications by creating no conflicts between the employee and the employer.

What is Candidate ghosting? – It refers to ending the communication with the hiring person all of a sudden and disappearing without any short notes. In the case of candidate ghosting, the effort and the time spent by both the candidate and the hiring person is a waste in terms of both time and resources.

What are the reasons for employee ghosting?

  • The employees might feel uncomfortable while discussing their resignations with the employers.
  • The employees don’t usually understand the difficulty in hiring someone new to replace their position.
  • The dissatisfied employees or the angry employees go towards employee ghosting.
  • If an employee gets a new job offer and wants to join their work soon. In that case, they don’t have much time to wait till the organization finds a new talent. This is where employee ghosting happens.

What can an organization do to avoid it? – To establish and provide a good work environment to the employees. The employees must feel safe and courageous to discuss their difficulties. More than that, respect the employees and be kind to them, so they used to think over and decide whether to quit the organization or not.

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