Gamification In HR | Meaning and Definition

What is Gamification in HR?

Gamification is defined to be the integration of games or elements which are very similar and alike games with the aim of receiving employee participation and engagement. This integration is done to business processes which are then required to raise or boost the participation of employees as well as create a surge in the engagements. The same principles of gamification is applied which is responsible for attracting people to recreational stuff, mainly sports and or games like football,  chess, or Minecraft and many more. 

There are a few used for gamification in HR. We will not be discussing them, but some of them are mentioned below e using pointers – 

  •       Boost collaboration
  •       Streamline the onboarding process
  •       Promote innovation
  •       Elevate employee performance
  •       Increase the effectiveness of training and development programs
  •       Improve recruitment practices 

The methods of gamification can be conspicuous and often fine rewards and point systems like leaderboards, badges, or pay raises. It does not necessarily have to be conspicuous as it can very well be treated like something very subtle as well, like the incorporation of a captivating narrative that narrates the onboarding of a program and or the compliance of a workshop. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is why should HR leaders care about gamification? Fear not, as we are here with answers to your frequent questions as well. 

One of the biggest aims of gamification is leveraging human nature and inspiring or spurring employees in order to take part in workplace learning or other forms of tasks.

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