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Form 24G | Meaning and Definition

What is Form 24G?

According to the income tax department, the Accounts Office is obligated to fill out Form 24G. It is a computer-generated document. The details on the tax levied are contained in Form 24G. (TDS). After that, the information is forwarded to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) for more procedures. The Accounts Officer (AO) can utilize this form to file the TDS.

Form 24G Components

  • It collects specifics well about Accounts offices, such as the id number, name, and contact details.
  • It lists the type of account office, even if it’s in the federal or state government, as well as the state or ministry’s credentials.
  • It includes the date and year in which the application was submitted.
  • It includes an overview of the transaction as well as the type of withholding.
  • It’s where you’ll find the DDO payments. 

In contrast to many other forms, 24G does not necessitate physical copies to be submitted. Just digital submissions are accepted. However, the AO must first construct the form through the use of an NSDL-published utility and then authenticate the document using another NSDL-published tool.

Points to Keep in Mind When Filling Out Form 24G:

 When filling out the information on the form, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Here are a few of them:

  • The responsible person is the officer in charge of completing and submitting this application. The Pay and Accounts Officer (PAO), Treasury Officer (TO), or Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Officer (CDDO) can make such an application.
  • Only electronic submissions are permitted.
  •  The DDO’s details must be given because the form can not be regarded as complete without it.
  • Each DDO is limited to four entries each month.
  • An accountable person’s information is also required.
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