Employer Branding | Meaning and Definition

What is employer branding?

Employer branding refers to managing or influencing an employee’s reputation as an employer to job seekers and other employees.

What is an employer? An individual person or an organization that hires or employs people to work for their organization is called an employer.

What are the ways to build an employer brand?

Employer Brand Audit – This is the first step. Analyze everything that includes the career page, job description, performance reviews, acceptance and rejection letters, etc. As the next step, ask for feedback from the employees as well as the candidates. The idea behind this is to know what exactly they think about the organization. Once after collecting information related to the brand audit, you come to know what is the gap that exists between the organization when presenting itself and how it gets perceived by the employees of the organization.

Employee Value Proposition – Craft an EVP as the next step. Your designed EVP must answer two questions: What are the expectations that an individual employee or a candidate can keep in your organization, and What an organization expects from an individual employee or a candidate.

Implementing the strategy – In this step, you are ready to convey your messages to some mass area. There are many ways in which you can easily promote your employer’s brand, and some of them are:

Job Description – This will be the first interaction with the job seekers about your employer’s brand.

Career Page – it is considered to be one of the major touchpoints with the potential candidates.

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