Employee Wellness Program | Meaning

What is employee wellness program? 

These programs are certain programs undertaken by an employer to help the employees to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health in a stable condition.

Benefits of employee wellness program:

Increased Productivity – Employees who stay physically fit can improve productivity for their organization more than those who are not. Poor health behaviors result in unproductivity.

Reduction of health risks – This program suggests employees take care of their physical health by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, avoiding tobacco-related things that cause damage to their health, etc. When an employee is at the lowest health risk, health care costs will also be simultaneously reduced.

Employees feel appreciated and valued – These wellness programs focus on increasing the happy employees. If the employees in the organization get appreciated or valued for their work, the organization can see more enthusiastic employees, which benefits the employers in turn.

Improves recruitment – The wellness program offered by the employers will help the organization retain the potential employees and hire the potential employees for the organization.

Decreased absenteeism – The work environment with certain types of wellness programs might experience reduced absenteeism due to good health conditions, less stress, etc. which leads to cost savings for the organization.

There is a saying that “An ounce of prevention is far better than a hundred ounces of cure.” For example, it is very difficult to treat an employee who has a heart ailment. Still, it is very easy to reduce the possibility of a heart attack when the employee is identified and treated with high BP.

 These programs, otherwise called a worksite wellness program or employee wellbeing program, is the initiative taken by the organization to promote healthy lifestyles to their employees or their families. The analytics workforce wellness is a pattern that reveals the current trends in the wellness of the employees, and this will help the organization devise appropriate wellness initiatives for its employees.

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