Employee Development | Meaning and Definition

What is employee development?

Employee skill development is the process of improving the skills and abilities of employees. The goals of employee skill development are to improve employee productivity, increase job satisfaction, and reduce turnover. 

There are many ways to improve employee skills, including training programs, mentoring programs, and job rotations. Training programs provide employees with instruction on the tasks they will be performing on the job. Mentoring programs pair experienced employees with new employees to provide guidance and support. Job rotations allow employees to learn new tasks by working in different departments or positions within the company. 

Steps HR leaders should take to implement effective employee development programs

  •   Find out what employees want. These programs can be very effective when they are tailored to the needs and interests of employees. Ask your employees what they would like to see in a development program, and try to accommodate their wishes as much as possible. 
  •   Use e-learning with mentoring. Many employees prefer learning new skills through online modules with the help of a mentor. This format provides employees with flexibility while still providing the support and guidance they need to learn new skills effectively. 
  •   Promote a growth-oriented culture. Employees are more likely to participate in development programs when they feel that the company values employee growth and invests in its workforce. Creating a culture that supports development will encourage employee skill development. 

Giving chances to improve skills and gain practical workplace knowledge indicates an employer’s regard for its employees. Employees who believe their organization values them are more inclined to connect with their job and realize their full potential. 

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