Development | Meaning and Definition

What is Development?

Development, in brief, is described as the process of employees finding out the person they would rather want to be and evolving into that said person. The change usually happens after an examination of their personality, skills, and abilities are conducted. The individual’s or the employee’s hope and ambition also have to go through the same examination before being developed into that ideal human being. 

After the examinations are conducted, an improvement in the physical, psychological, and social skills of the individual and or the employee is witnessed. This growth is not only limited to their physical, psychological, and social skills. Instead, it is capable of extending itself to creative as well personal growth even. This progress has always been prioritized for employees on their way to being developed. 

There are several benefits of introducing Development at workplaces, such as –

  • Development helps in making better employees who have better skills and better chances at scoring jobs than regular, un-developed employees. The training itself helps in boosting the confidence of the employee by giving them a clear idea of their duties and responsibilities and enhancing their already present skills, and honing them to near perfection.


  • When a company invests in helping their employees change for the better, this also helps the said employees to develop a sense of respect and creates a healthy work environment as well.
  • The highly difficult and coarse training program ensures that the employees that are the end results are all incredibly well versed in their respective fields with a consistent experience and background expertise.


  • It is a known fact that when a company invests in improving its workforce, its productivity, quality, and efficiency will get a natural boost. Deadlines are met without much hassle, new innovative ideas birth themselves, and the company’s turnover increases by heaps and bounds, ensuring an increase in the future market shares.
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