Database Management | Meaning and Definition

What is Database management?

It is a software that aids in the organization, storage, and retrieval of information from a database. This system entails a variety of activities that work together to guarantee that data is correct, accessible, and available.

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets. It may help you make critical business decisions, boost your marketing strategies, and streamline your operations. However, if a database management system is not in place, an organization may encounter issues such as data silos, inconsistent data sets, and poor data reliability, all of which can lead to erroneous conclusions. 

Benefits Of Database Management

  • Since it contains both data and information about the data, a database system is self-descriptive. The self-descriptive aspect of a database management system distinguishes it from a standard file-based system.
  • Numerous views for multiple users can be created in a database system. Each of these views can only show data that is relevant to a single person or a group of users.
  • The database system’s users might have varying levels of access rights. One person may have read-only access, whereas another may have both read and write access. This prevents illegal access and gives you control over your internal data.
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