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Candidate | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of candidate?

A candidate is an individual seeking to be hired, elected, or selected for a particular position. In many cases, they will undergo vetting to be deemed qualified for the role they are seeking. 

For example, a job candidate may have to submit an interview, background check, and reference check before being offered a position. Similarly, a political one may have to campaign extensively and participate in debates before being elected. 

Ultimately, whether or not to hire, elect, or select a particular candidate rests with those in charge of making such decisions. However, the candidates themselves play a vital role in this process by offering their qualifications and vying for the opportunity to fill the desired position. 

The process to hire a candidate

Hiring a candidate can vary depending on the company and the position, but typically it will involve reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and making a decision. 

First, the company will review resumes to identify candidates who may be a good fit for the position. If the company is interested in interviewing them, they will contact them to schedule an interview.

The interview may be in person or over the phone, and it will usually involve asking questions about the skills and experience. After the interview, the company will decide whether or not to offer the position. This process might differ for different roles.

Skills an HR wants in a candidate

Following are the skills that an HR wants:

  • Ability to handle the stress and unpleasant situations
  • A loyal employee who will stand with company in tough times
  • To cope with increasing competition in the sector and handle multiple tasks at a time
  • Companies want to hire ambitious people who are dedicated and devoted to company
  • HR professionals usually prefers a team player rather than a sole player
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