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Our cutting-edge HR and payroll solutions redefine the landscape of Mumbai’s businesses, enabling streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and unparalleled success. 

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HR and Payroll in Hyderabad
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Transforming the HR of Top-Notch Organizations

Transforming Workforce Management for a Better Tomorrow

With intuitive features and comprehensive analytics, our software empowers HR teams to make informed decisions and create a positive employee experience.

Zimyo HRMS

Our payroll software eliminates the challenges associated with manual payroll processing. Seamlessly integrated with HR data, it simplifies employee benefits management, streamlines leave tracking, and provides comprehensive reports for efficient financial management.

Zimyo Payroll Software

With intuitive dashboards, managers gain valuable insights into employee performance, enabling personalized development plans. The software promotes a culture of transparency and recognition, fostering employee engagement and driving organizational growth.

Zimyo Performance Software

It automates applicant tracking, resume screening, and interview scheduling, saving time and effort for HR teams. With advanced assessment tools and data-driven analytics, it identifies top talent, ensuring smarter hiring decisions and faster onboarding.

Zimyo ATS System

It offers features like surveys, feedback channels, and recognition programs, fostering a culture of open communication and employee well-being. By nurturing employee engagement, the software enhances productivity, reduces turnover, and fuels business growth.

Zimyo Engage Software

HR Innovation for Success and Growth

HR Software

Transforming Processes for Simplicity and Efficiency

Our HR software leverages cutting-edge technology to automate and streamline HR processes, simplifying talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement.

By eliminating manual tasks, our software frees up HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and enables Mumbai businesses to create a cohesive and thriving work environment.

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Employee Management


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Employee Self Service

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Statutory Compliance Zimyo

Statutory Compliance

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Expense Management


Benefits Management

Payroll software

Efficient Payroll Management for Accurate Financial Control

Our payroll software simplifies payroll processing, ensuring error-free calculations, statutory compliance, and secure data management.

With real-time data synchronization, it seamlessly integrates with HR systems, providing a comprehensive view of employee compensation, benefits, and deductions. By automating payroll, we empower Mumbai businesses with accurate financial control and enhance employee trust.

Time & attendance software

Accurate Time & Location Tracking

Our time and attendance software eliminates manual time tracking, enabling accurate monitoring of employee attendance, leaves, and overtime.

With biometric integration and mobile accessibility, it offers real-time visibility into workforce data, simplifies payroll calculations, and prevents time theft. By optimizing workforce management, our software enhances productivity and reduces administrative overhead.



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Employee Surveys Zimyo


Employee Feed


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Engagement software

Building a Connection Fueling Employee Passion

Our engagement software fosters a culture of collaboration, recognition, and continuous growth. It provides a platform for employees to share ideas, celebrate achievements, and align with organizational goals. 

With interactive surveys and sentiment analysis, it captures employee feedback, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions and cultivate a motivated workforce.

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Core HR

HR software in Mumbai offers benefits like:

  • streamlined processes
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Efficient employee management
  • Simplified compliance
  • Enhanced decision-making

When selecting HR software, consider features like core HR management, employee self-service, payroll processing, performance management, reporting/analytics, and integration capabilities

Implement HR software by planning and documenting requirements, selecting a suitable vendor, configuring the system, testing, training employees, and gradually transitioning to the new software.

HR software aids in workforce management in Mumbai by automating HR tasks, facilitating efficient scheduling, managing attendance, tracking performance, and providing real-time insights for better workforce planning.


Best payroll software in Mumbai depends on specific requirements. The list includes:

  • Zimyo
  • gretyHR
  • ZingHR
  • Zoho
  • SpineHR

Consider factors like features, scalability, integration capabilities, compliance support, user-friendliness, customer support, and cost when choosing payroll software in Mumbai.

Data needed for a payroll system includes employee details, tax information, salary components, attendance records, leave balances, deductions, and benefits information.

Payroll processing in Mumbai involves calculating salaries, deducting taxes and other deductions, generating payslips, disbursing payments, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and statutory requirements.


Choose performance management software based on features like goal setting, performance tracking, feedback mechanisms, performance reviews, development planning, and reporting/analytics.

Five key factors of successful performance software are goal alignment, continuous feedback, regular performance reviews, employee development support, and data-driven insights for decision-making.

Performance management systems help organizations by aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, fostering employee growth, improving communication, and facilitating fair evaluations and rewards.

Performance management systems impact employees by providing clarity on expectations, encouraging skill development, recognizing achievements, and facilitating career advancement through fair evaluations and feedback.


Recruitment software automates various recruitment stages like job posting, resume screening, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, collaboration, and onboarding, simplifying the hiring process and improving efficiency.

Recruiting systems encompass applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate relationship management (CRM), job boards, social media platforms, and HR software with recruitment modules.

Recruitment software offers benefits like time savings, improved candidate quality, enhanced collaboration, streamlined hiring workflows, better candidate engagement, and data-driven decision-making.

Document management software is primarily used for organizing, storing, retrieving, and sharing digital documents, improving document security, version control, collaboration, and workflow efficiency.


Employee engagement software is important for measuring and improving employee satisfaction, fostering communication, recognizing achievements, and enhancing overall employee experience.

Choose employee engagement software by considering features like surveys/polls, communication tools, recognition platforms, analytics/reporting, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness.

Employee engagement data can be collected through surveys, feedback forms, performance evaluations, social media sentiment analysis, and HR analytics tools, among other methods.

Engagement software benefits organizations by increasing employee satisfaction and retention, improving productivity, fostering a positive work culture, and enabling data-driven decision-making for HR initiatives.