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A comprehensive suite of robust HR & Payroll solutions for effective HR management

Core HR

Streamline your HR processes and reduce the administrative burden by 88% with the best HR software in Mumbai

Customized HR Workflows

Opt for the best HR & payroll software in Mumbai and cut down on the resources spent on repetitive and manual tasks by creating customized workflows. 

Employee Helpdesk

Increase satisfaction among employees by giving a shot to our intuitive and innovative helpdesk software. Resolve employee queries in no time.

Asset Management Software

Spot trends, analyze data, build asset life cycles, and monitor all assets effortlessly with our automated asset management software. 

Run payroll in minutes

Automate your payroll process in minutes and ensure 100% accuracy in salary transfers with the best payroll software in Mumbai

Payroll Compliances

Avoid hefty fines, safeguard your organization from unreasonable wage or benefit demands, and prevent any legal troubles. 

Benefits & Reimbursements

Achieve faster reimbursements and offer enticing employee benefits to your employees with the best HRMS software in Mumbai.

Minimum Wages

Keep your employees engaged and satisfied by ensuring fair pay. Invest in the right HR & Payroll software and get ready for improved employee engagement.

Expense Management

Our expense management software helps you review employee expenses and facilitate quick expense reimbursements, transferred straight into their accounts.

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The basic dynamic plan starts with ₹60/- per month per employee, similarly there are growth and enterprise plans. Each plan consists of some additional features, you can also customize your plan as per your requirements.

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Statutory bonus is an amount that is paid to an employee in advance. According to the 1965 Act of Payment of bonus, the minimum rate of statutory bonus is 8.33% on total salary which can be maximum 20 %.

A payroll software provides a fully automated workflow for complex taxations and salary calculations. This will not only save your time but also helps in reducing manual efforts and payroll errors while measuring salaries.

Our payroll software is flexible to be designed and customised as per the client request. After analysing the client’s HR matrix and the policies adopted by the company, the developement team works on the adaptations as per the customer needs. We make sure that our payroll software completely align with the HR and finance department while integration takes place.

A payroll software can help HR leaders in effective disbursals of employee salaries and reduces errors in compliances, payroll, and expense reimbursements. However, choosing the right payroll software for your business can be a difficult task. There are many payroll software providers in Mumbai such as Zimyo payroll software that automates payroll tasks, reduces timesheet errors, and facilitates faster expense claims and reimbursements. 

There are many payroll challenges that organizations might face while processing payroll for their employees. Some of them are listed below:  

  1. Inaccurate payments due to manual data entry errors and rule misapplication.
  2. Difficulty in managing payroll data and tax audits.
  3. Managing payroll records is a challenge and is not easily accessible. 
  4. Compiling statistics and preparing payroll reports for senior leadership as a reference has proven difficult.
  5. The tax computation and filing are difficult when done manually

For more information on payroll challenges, click here.

  1. First of all, establish a payroll policy.
  2. Then keep an eye on the various departments’ contributions such as attendance records, tax requirements, leave records, etc.
  3. Gather the data for payroll processing and verify its accuracy.  
  4. Run payroll calculations, including deductions and taxes.
  5. Then ensure your payroll process is  statutory compliant. 
  6. After that, you’ll need to enter required information into your accounting software for accurate accounting and administration.
  7. The final stage is to distribute salaries to employees and provide them with pay slips. 
  8. The final step involves keeping track of inaccuracies  to improve your payroll structure in the future