The Role of Embedded Finance In Employee Benefits- Recent Trends And Challenges

Wednesday | 20th October


Nishant Shishoo

Nishant Sishoo

Head - Pensions & Benefits
RBS India

Naresh Gupta, Zimyo

Naresh Gupta

VP Finance

Leena Wakankar, Webinar

Leena Wakankar

Head Infrastructure & CSR
ASK Group

During these tough times companies innovated with different ideas to support their employees – including giving advanced salaries, enabling employees to take loans at a reasonable rate, and curating the right insurance. But many companies did not have the technology to easily drive these changes. According to a research report by RBSA, the India Fintech market is all set to reach $6.2Billion by 2025 growing at a steady pace of 22.7% CAGR annually. And it’s time for companies to re-strategize and build an empathy-based employee experience offering insurance, loans, and tax savings instruments with a click of a button.In this webinar, you will get detailed insights into navigating the current challenges and how BAAS (banking as a service) is changing the landscape of employee benefits

Discussion Points:

  • The current challenges in the traditional insurance, loans, and tax savings instruments.
  • How companies can build empathy-based employee experience ensuring a differentiated experience?
  • Why employees should be made aware of the available options for the safety and security of their families?
  • How low code BAAS APIs is going to change the future of embedded finance?