Boosting experience in a hybrid world– Cohesive approach to measure and improve EX

Tuesday | 27th July


Anu Yadav

Anu Yadav

Lead - Implementations | People & Culture, Zimyo

Atul joshi

Atul Joshi

Chief- Human Resources & Admin, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

Discussion Points:

  • What are some of the top priorities on delivering a great employee experience based on the shifts this past year? How should businesses approach the need to rethink the environment so that people feel valued and perform their jobs effectively – virtually?
  • What are some of the nuances of a hybrid workplace that one can take into account to reimagine experience?
  • The blurring personal and professional lives have caused a greater deal of stress. How HR leaders or managers can tackle this challenge?
  • How are HR leaders integrating insights to boost workplace performance?
  • What are some opportunity areas in leveraging technology in the process?