Production Artist | Job Description Template

We’re looking for a Production Artist to oversee creative projects and make sure they meet the needs of our clients. 

Your job will be to take on designs in the last stages of development, checking for accuracy and preparing them for print or digital distribution. To be successful in this profession, you must be able to format a variety of photos and graphics using both creative and technical talents. You should also have project management expertise and an eye for detail. 

Finally, you’ll make sure our paper and electronic designs are of great quality.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • It’s a benefit if you have a background in graphic design.
  • Job experience as a Production Artist, Graphic Designer, or other equivalent position is required.


Skills Required for the job

  • Completion portfolio of graphic design and creative projects 
  • A thorough understanding of the printing and preflighting tools is required (e.g. Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress) 
  • Working knowledge of graphic design software and picture editing software (e.g. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator) 
  • HTML and website development systems are fundamental expertise. 
  • The capacity to handle many tasks while staying on schedule 
  • Skills in creativity combined with a keen eye for detail 
  • BSc in Visual Arts or a related discipline 


Job Responsibilities

  • Consult with product management to determine design specifications. 
  • Before the items are finished, check the images, layouts, and fonts. 
  • Use picture editing tools to complete your creations. 
  • Retouch photographs in both print and digital forms to increase quality. 
  • Suggest and implement picture enhancements such as gradients and layers. 
  • Manage the print file prepress process. 
  • To guarantee timely publishing, adhere to deadlines. 
  • Create images and graphics by archive.
  • Check up with clients to make sure their needs are being addressed. 
  • Keep up with the latest developments in graphic design software and methods.


Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

Other Benefits- (….)