Top 7 Recruitment Management Software in Qatar

With the advancement in technology and the growth of businesses and organizations in Qatar, the process of recruitment has substantially changed over the years. Earlier the process of recruitment management was carried out manually by HR professionals. Traditional recruitment refers to the conventional methods of recruiting candidates in the organization. In this approach, employers used to rely on human recruiters where they post jobs, schedule interviews, screen out potential candidates, conduct interviews and finally convert that candidate into a full-time employee. The traditional process was very lengthy, time-consuming and hectic for HR professionals.


The traditional approach of recruitment management was replaced by recruitment management software. Now the question arises “What is recruitment management software, its needs, advantages etc”. Read the full blog to learn how recruitment management software is changing the whole game of the recruitment process in organizations in Qatar.    

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What is Recruitment Management Software?

Recruitment management software consists of the tools which are necessary for the recruitment of candidates. This software is generally used by HR professionals and hiring managers to hire potential candidates for their organization. This software provides hire-to-retirement solutions to manage the entire employee lifecycle in an organization. Recruiting plays a crucial role in the organizations. So it’s necessary to hire the right candidates for your organization. One of the major components of this software is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It helps to manage job postings and applications received. The software helps to automate manual tasks including manual job posting, application screening, interview scheduling etc. This software is based on 3 key pillars or principles including:


1. Candidate Management

2. Requisition Management

3. Applicant Tracking System 

What are the Benefits of using Recruitment Management Software?

Using recruitment management software in an organization provides several benefits to the organization.

Some of the benefits of recruitment management software in an organization are:

1. One-click job posting

Posting jobs on a single platform may hinder potential candidates from applying. So it’s necessary to post jobs on multiple platforms to reach a wide pool of candidates. Posting jobs on multiple platforms manually can be difficult for HR professionals. Recruitment management software allows users to post jobs on several platforms in a single click. It helps to save human efforts and time which can be invested in fruitful activities.       

2. Increased productivity

Recruitment software helps to increase overall productivity as it provides quick access to applicant’s data without paperwork. It helps HR professionals as well as recruitment agencies with a lot of manual data entry and storage of individual documents.

Automating these manual tasks helps to improve overall productivity ensuring minimum manual work. 

3. Smooth onboarding process

Onboarding new candidates is a crucial task for HR professionals. It has an ever-lasting impact on a candidate’s mind. It reflects the employer’s brand image in front of new candidates. So it becomes important to create a smooth onboarding process. With the help of recruitment management software, an organization can ensure a smooth onboarding process.

4. Data security

Data safety and security play a crucial role for the organization when it comes to using technology to improve efficiency. Data theft and loss can result in enormous amounts to organizations. In recruitment management software the data of users is saved on the cloud which minimizes the risk of data theft and loss. The data is secured and encrypted which requires a secure login to access the same.   

5. Diversity of candidates

At the time of hiring candidates sometimes biasness comes in the way. As per a survey, 28% of HR professionals commit that they make hiring decisions on their gut feeling. The anonymity of data in recruitment management software helps to reduce biases and ensures diversity while making crucial hiring decisions. The diversity of employees in an organization makes the company culture strong.

6. Enhanced candidate experience

A good candidate experience builds an employer’s brand image in the industry. A smooth onboarding process enriches the overall candidate experience. With minimum paperwork and digitalization of the onboarding process, candidates feel more comfortable.

7. Enhances retention rate

Replacing employees in an organization is a major expense for any organization. Employees generally leave organizations for career growth and better opportunities. Recruitment management software can help in enhancing retention rates by matching the right candidates with appropriate job roles. Generally, the employees who are hired using recruitment management software have a better retention rate.

List of top 7 Recruitment Management Software in Qatar 2024

Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, hiring is an ultimate need of every organization. However, there’s a plethora of HRMS solution vendors available in Qatar.

Every software vendor offers different features. So, how do you choose the ideal software according to your organization’s needs? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! We have compiled a list of the top Recruitment Software in Qatar. 

You can evaluate the features of each vendor and choose the best according to your business needs.

Being one of the highest-rated solutions in the Middle-East market, Zimyo is one of the best recruitment management software in Middle East for businesses of all sizes.

Recruitment software streamlines every step of the hiring process and makes it faster and more efficient. From finding the right candidates for relevant positions to taking the candidates toward onboarding. Zimyo recruitment software allows recruiters to hire the right people without any difficulties.

Our onboarding software makes the induction process a cakewalk by administering all joining formalities beforehand. Relieve your HR managers from the frustration of juggling endless documents and getting multiple forms signed on the first day of joining. Make an everlasting impression on your new hires by providing an automated onboarding experience.

Our integrations with top job boards such as, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Dr. Jobs, etc., make job posting on multiple platforms as easily possible. Zimyo recruitment software schedules interviews provides you with offer letters and other HR templates, extinguishes all paperwork, and makes onboarding smooth and effortless.

Track and monitor the candidates at every stage of the recruitment process to make sure the recruitment process is transparent and unbiased. Define a hiring pipeline of your own to recruit top-quality talents with smart skills from the industry talent pools.

Features of best Recruitment Software in Qatar


Starts at $2 per employee per month

2. Recruit CRM

recruit hcm dashboard

Recruit CRM is recruitment management software for recruitment agencies and organizations in Qatar. It offers a range of features and functionalities which are required by any recruitment firm or HR professionals including one-click job posting, resume parsing, pool of talent and much more. It helps to automate manual tasks during the recruitment process. Along with recruitment software it also offers CRM which allows one to manage applicants while generating invoices in one place. It allows you to work together without juggling between ATS and CRM. 

Features of top Recruitment Software in Qatar


Starts at $30(AED 110) per user per month

3. Zoho Recruit

zoho recruitment

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking software that caters to the difficulties that are faced by recruiters in Qatar. It offers a complete pack of solutions for both internal and external hiring.

Zoho Recruit helps you trace, monitor, and hire the best talents, without roaming several different sites at once.

Tailor your workday and automate processes like sending emails, refreshing interview status, etc. All reports and analytics are at your disposal to plan better hiring strategies.

Zoho Recruit’s recruitment software and talent acquisition system are fabricated by keeping the modern workforce in mind. It helps you hire top-tier candidates faster and better.

Features of Recruitment Software in Qatar

4. GoHire

go hire recruit

GoHire is a recruitment management solution that empowers recruiters and HR professionals to make better hiring decisions. It helps in one-click job posting on more than 15 job platforms to maximize the reach of potential candidates and reduce overall hiring spend. It provides end-to-end solutions to small businesses that are looking for quick and efficient hiring. It provides user-friendly dashboards for ease of understanding. This software also provides pre-made screening questions, questionnaires and evaluations to enhance hiring quality. It also provides space to write notes, comments, and feedback and store it in a single place.

Features of best Recruitment Software in Qatar

5. Workable

workable recruitment software

Workable is a leading provider of recruitment management software. They provide solutions to hiring managers, HR professionals and organizations to hire and retain top talent. It allows one-click job posting on 200+ job platforms to hire the best candidates out of the talent pool. Moreover, it provides a unique feature of recruiting candidates in multiple languages. It also provides AI-powered recommendations of candidates out of the number of applications received by the organization.  

Features of top Recruitment Software in Qatar


Starts at $149 (AED 547) per month.

6. Manatal

manatal recruit

Manatal is a recruitment management software designed for hiring teams, staffing agencies, HR professionals etc. The candidate database is set up to collect and organize contacts and candidates easily to fill job openings more efficiently. The platform is designed to streamline and simplify the recruitment process. It transforms the way you recruit the ultimate cloud-based hiring tool. It allows single-click job posting on 2500+ free and paid job boards. Moreover, it also simplifies the whole hiring process by providing AI-powered recommendations based on job requirements.

Features of Recruitment Software in Qatar

7. Natural HR

natural hr recruit

Natural HR is a cloud-based recruitment management software for emerging businesses in Qatar. Along with recruitment management software they provide a holistic suite including performance management, time and attendance management, payroll, reporting and analytics etc. It helps to speed up the entire recruitment process from creating job openings and application forms to tracking applicants, managing interviews and analyzing hiring costs. It allows one-click job posting on several job platforms. 

Features of best Recruitment Software in Qatar

How to choose the right Recruitment Management Software for your organization?

Here are the key tips to consider when choosing the right recruitment management software for your organization:

1. Identify the needs of your organization

Before choosing the recruitment management software for your organization it is necessary to identify the needs of your organization related to recruitment management and what hurdles you are facing. Moreover, how the recruitment management software will help you eliminate the hurdles you are facing. It’s necessary to choose the software which aligns with your organizational needs. 

2. Comparative analysis of different software available in the market

Before opting for recruitment management software it’s necessary to make a comparative analysis. You can reach out to different vendors for a product demo. Evaluate the performance, features, use case and customizations in the software as per your needs. Moreover always look for implementation support, training and customer support if there would be any glitches or bugs. The software you are choosing should be easy to use by the employees of the organization.

3. Integrations

It’s necessary to look for the supported integrations while choosing recruitment management software. The software with no integrations overburdens the HR professionals to enter the same data multiple times which results in a lot of time waste. So make sure that the software you are opting for integrates with HR solutions to have a better understanding. It results in reducing repetitive tasks and centralizes your data in a single place.

4. Have a list of features you are looking for

It is recommended to have a list of features ready before choosing a recruitment management software. Make sure that the list of features you have made is available in the recruitment management software you are opting for for your organization. Always remember that the recruitment management software must be customizable as per your requirements. The standard features include one-click job posting, interview scheduling, resume parsing, skill assessment etc.

5. Provide necessary training to HR professionals

While choosing the recruitment management software for your organization it is necessary to ensure that they provide training sessions to HR professionals to run the software smoothly. A training session is necessary to make the employees well versed with all the functionalities and use. This will help to speed up the implementation rate in the organization so that the task of recruitment management can be streamlined.    

Wrapping Up

Recruitment management software is an extremely effective and essential system that all levels of companies, organizations, and enterprises need to adapt to regulate their entire workforce performance. A recruitment management system makes it extremely easy to recognize small issues and rectify them before they create bigger issues. 

Organizations like Zimyo are leveraging the employee experience worldwide with their new-age solutions. From managing HR and Payroll to Recruitment and Performance, everything is automated. Zimyo is already catering to 2000+ customers around the globe like Kayfi, Qatar Wire Products, BNBme, Crowe, Clic Qatar, Vivandi etc. among many other renowned names.

As this software focuses on streamlining the entire recruitment process, organizations can obtain better performance and productivity while spending less time-solving issues related to job posting, application screening, interview scheduling and skill assessment. This recruitment management system comes with numerous features that help managers and leaders to hire a talented pool of candidates.  

Implementing this software is also extremely easy, which makes it an excellent method to progress your company.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Recruitment management software consists of the tools which are necessary for the recruitment of candidates. This software is generally used by HR professionals and hiring managers to hire potential candidates for their organization.

HR Software such as Zimyo, Zoho, Natural HR, GoHire are considered the best online Recruitment Software in Qatar and other Middle East countries.  

Zimyo is used by popular organizations and businesses in Qatar to transform the hiring game.

Automate your day-to-day HR tasks with Zimyo HRMS