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Top 10 Payroll Software in Qatar

Managing payroll processes and timely paying salaries to the employees is one of the most crucial tasks of an HR. However, managing the remuneration of a big workforce can be tiresome. Especially in a country like Qatar, where there are so many compliances, regulations, and company policies, there are high chances of manual errors in calculating salaries and taxes. This can result in the violation of compliance and legal disputes.

Fortunately, you can avoid all payroll-related issues by implementing Payroll software in Qatar. The payroll solution helps organizations in Qatar manage employee’s payments while following all the legal compliances, regulations, taxation, and company policies. Modern payroll solutions in Qatar come with advanced features like tax calculation, error filling, overtime compensation, and salary calculation based on leaves and attendance.

However, in order to reap the benefits of payroll software, you need to choose the best payroll software vendor in Qatar. To take the burden off your shoulder, we have compiled a list of top payroll software companies in Qatar. The goal is to help you find the most suitable payroll solution to make the payroll process more smooth and more efficient for your employees.

List of Best Payroll Software in Qatar

the payroll solution vendors in Qatar has also gone up. Nowadays, there are various payroll software, each having its own unique quality and features. However, the best payroll solution is the one that aligns with your organization’s needs.

Instead of visiting multiple payroll listing sites and comparing the features of each vendor, you can find the list of the best payroll software in Qatar in this article. All the vendors mentioned in this article follow the compliances and regulations in Qatar, so you can compare the features and make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at them:

Zimyo is a leading HRMS provider. After helping more than 2000+ organizations, Zimyo aims to help Middle-East organizations improve their employee experience with robust HR-Tech software. The software offers a variety of advanced features exclusively tailored for companies in the Qatar region.

Zimyo allows HRs to run the entire payroll process in 3 simple steps while following the compliances and regulations followed in the Qatar region. If you are looking for reliable payroll software to run an error-free payroll process, Zimyo payroll software for Qatar is one of the best options.

The software is exclusively designed according to the compliances and policies of the Qatar, Middle East regions. Here are some advanced features that the Zimyo payroll software offers.

All modules are designed while keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like UAE, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Zimyo is rated as one of the most used platform by We Suggest Software in Dubai, Middle East. 

Trusted by paramount organizations such as Qatar Wire Products, Clic Qatar, Capital Motion, Emirates Dawn, Vivandi, Kayfi, BnBMe, Jeebly, and 2000 others, Zimyo centralizes all the HR operations into a single platform which eliminates manual efforts, increases productivity, and drives businesses toward success.



Starts at $2 per employee per month
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2. PeopleQlik


PeopleQlik helps organizations of all sizes in Qatar to streamline their payroll process with Payroll software. The software supports all regulatory compliance within the county and helps manage mundane payroll operations in Qatar, like commissions, bonuses, incentives, etc.

The platform provides security to valuable data and seamless integration with third-party vendors. Furthermore, it helps to avoid penalties due to regulatory non-compliance issues.


3. Sparrow Solutions


Sparrow Solutions offers comprehensive feature-rich payroll software for the needs of HR in Qatar. The payroll software helps run an error-free payroll process across the organization.

The platform also offers detailed payroll reports as per the latest compliances followed in Qatar. The software offers multiple features for managing every aspect of the employee payroll process.


4. Artify 360

artify 360

Artify 360 is a cloud-based payroll software that enables organizations to run error-free payroll. The users can integrate payroll software with the leave and attendance software to provide accurate and timely salaries to employees.

The cloud-based payroll software in Qatar strictly follows the safety protocols to safeguard personal and financial information. In addition, the software can be customized according to the size and policies of your organization.


5. Ramco


Ramco is a cloud-based payroll software that helps organizations overcome the hurdle of payroll processing. The platform covers everything from tax to regulatory changes to provide an error-free salary calculation for every employee.

The payroll software also provides multilingual support in English and Arabic languages. Further, the software is integrated with time & attendance and expenses modules to calculate accurate salaries.


6. Menaitech


Menaitech is a cloud-based payroll software in Qatar that helps organizations run effective and accurate payroll-related processes. The platform caters to the needs of organizations across the MENA region.

The payroll software is developed locally for the MENA region with built-in country profiles that supports compliance policies, language, and currencies. In addition, the platform also enables unlimited reports and informative analytics that help in salary calculation.


7. gulfHR

gulfhr payroll

gulfHR provides a flexible payroll solution that helps in dealing with a comprehensive range of payroll calculations. The payroll software is built exclusively for the Middle East region and follows the local compliances and regulations in countries like Qatar and Dubai.

The payroll software simplifies the legislation and complexities around running the payroll process in Qatar. Furthermore, organizations can also do customization according to their needs.


8. ZenHR


ZenHR is a well-known name in the HR and payroll solution industry. The platform offers cloud-based payroll solutions in the MENA region. The payroll software offers a variety of advanced features to help organizations automate payroll processes.

The platform supports all the compliances and laws followed in the MENA region. Furthermore, it also provides native mobile applications to allow employees to mark their attendance and request leaves from their mobile. 


9. Papaya Global

papaya global

Launched in 2016 as a small startup, Papaya Global is one of the biggest payroll solution vendors around the world. The company offers payroll management services to over 700+ businesses from 160+ countries globally.

Papaya payroll software provides an intuitive user interface that enables organizations to smoothly run payroll automation. The platform is perfect for catering to the needs of any organization.



Starts at $20 per employee per month

10. Paylite HRMS


Paylite HRMS offers an end-to-end payroll solution to meet the payroll needs of companies in Qatar. The payroll software helps in processing salaries, calculating deductions, and managing the allowances of the employees in the organization.

The platform follows all the regional compliances and policies for Qatar and also offers an Arabic interface for domestic businesses. Additionally, you can integrate the payroll with attendance and leave the software to compensate employees based on their working hours.


Wrapping Up

Zimyo Pricing in Gulf Country

In today’s era of technology, organizations cannot rely on an outdated way of managing payroll in spreadsheets. As an employer in Qatar, you must abide by certain rules and compliances while paying an employee’s salary. By implementing Payroll software, you can ensure a smooth and error-free payroll process.

If you are looking to streamline your company’s payroll process, Zimyo offers reliable payroll software tailored according to the needs of organizations in Qatar. By using Zimyo payroll software, HRs can run the entire payroll process in 3 simple steps. Schedule a demo today to run an error-free payroll process.

Automate your day-to-day HR tasks with Zimyo HRMS

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A payroll system in Qatar manages employee salary calculations, disbursements, and compliance with local labor laws, including the Wage Protection System (WPS). It ensures timely and accurate payment while maintaining necessary payroll records.

Select the payroll software that best fits your organization’s goals and budget by assessing its simplicity of use, integration possibilities, compliance with local legislation, user reviews, and support services.

In Qatar, many vendors offer payroll software. Payroll software such as Zimyo, PeopleQlik, Sparrow Solutions, and Artify 360 are among the best.