Good Employee Experience Story [Feb 08 – Feb 14]

The world needs more good news! That’s why we’ve decided to gather some good Human Resources (HR) and Employee Experience (EX) stories every week to inspire you and make you feel hopeful about the future. HCL Tech declares one-time bonus worth over Rs 700 cr for staff to mark $10 bn-revenue milestone On Monday, February 7, HCL Technologies announced a special one-time bonus worth over Rs 700 crore for its employees, as the IT giant marked USD 10 billion (about Rs 72,800 crore) revenue milestone. Despite an unrelenting pandemic, each and every member of HCL family demonstrated strong commitment and passion, contributing to the growth of the organisation, Apparao VV, Chief Human Resources Officer, HCL Technologies said.

   (Source: Financial Express)

KPMG UK appoints first female leaders in shakeup after Michael furore Changing the traditions of the past 150 years, KPMG UK has appointed first females leaders to run the firm on a temporary basis. This comes after an investigation started on chairman Bill Michael on allegations of passing contentious comments. On Thursday, KPMG informed its 600 partners that until the investigation is over, Michael has stepped down from the position of chairman. 

  (Source: Financial Times)

Salesforce declares the 9-to-5 workday dead In a recent development, cloud computing company Salesforce has joined other Silicon Valley tech giants in bringing about a significant change. The organization has announced that the “9 to 5 workday is dead”. It will further allow its employees to choose between three categories of work shifts. They will also enable their employees to choose what their daily schedules will look like.

  (Source: The Verge)

Centre’s new labour codes to allow 4-day work per week The Centre under its new labour codes would soon provide an option for organisations to allow their employees to work for four days a week. Union labour secretary Apurva Chandra said on Monday this provision will comprise a work limit of 48 hours per week, adding that organisations would have three choices – deploying employees for four days at 12 hours per day, five days at around 10 hours per day and six days at eight hours per day.

(Source: Hindustan Times)

Spotify to allow its employees to work from anywhere With work shifting to cloud-based systems and disruption of traditional ways of building organizations, Spotify Technology SA will allow its employees to work from anywhere. Spotify’s move is in step with several technology companies that plan to keep some of the new ways of working that have emerged during the CPVID-19 pandemic.

(Source: Economic Times)

There are a million stories like this that we don’t know about, but they sure deserve all our respect. If you know any such story, please share it with us. We would love to tell the world about more positive news! The sun himself is weak when he first rises and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on. —Charles Dickens
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