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HR & Payroll Software in Chennai for Effective Workforce Management

A comprehensive suite of robust HR & Payroll solutions for reducing administrative burden by 2X

Core HR

Manual HR administration can lead to blunders. Reduce manual errors and frustration by opting for automated HR software in Chennai.

Customized HR Workflows

Eliminate the bottlenecks and embrace automation to  save time, energy, and avoid hassles in creating complex HR workflows. 

Employee Helpdesk

Decrease the time to raise and resolve queries by half with the employee helpdesk feature in our end-to-end HR software in Chennai.

Asset Management Software

Manage and keep track of important business assets with a click of a button with our robust  asset management system. 

Payroll Software

One of the best Payroll software in Chennai that enables error-free salary computations and payroll processing in minutes.

Payroll Compliances

Adhere to regulatory requirements, avoid legal penalties and improve your brand image by always staying statutory compliant.  

Employee Benefits

From personal loans to health insurance to retirement benefits, access all employee benefits with our embedded finance solutions.

Minimum Wages

Thorough state-wise minimum wages updates and easy disbursal of employee salary is facilitated with our payroll software in Chennai. 

Expense Management System

Record, track and approve employee expenses without many hassles. Invest in our robust HRMS software in Chennai and enjoy improved employee engagement. 

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An automated payroll software quickly manages the payments, wages, taxations, and many more without any manual effort.

Companies rely on payroll software to save time, money, human efforts, and increase their productivity to stay focused on company growth.

There are various steps involved in managing payroll –

1. Statutory bonuses

2. Defining the payroll policies 

3. Calculating payroll

4. Compliance management

5. Calculating the employee salary and disbursement

6. Releasing payslips and manages taxes

  1. Benefits and reimbursements
  2. Compliance management
  3. Salary computation
  4. Loans and advances
  5. Expense management
  6. Invoice generation and payments

Leave travel allowance (LTA) is an allowance that is given to an employee for travel purposes. The allowance provided to employee is only applicable for domestic travelling, despite she/he is on leave.

A robust HR & payroll software can help organizations in:

  1. Effective payroll management
  2. Time and attendance management
  3. Timesheets management
  4. Performance management
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. HR Administration
  7. Recruitment and onboarding and many other HR functions. 


You can save a lot of time and effort in managing your HR tasks, reduce manual errors, and keep your workforce satisfied with a HR software. 

Different HR software have different configuration settings. However, you can create HR workflows in Zimyo HR software by following the below steps: 

1. To create workflows, first, log into your Zimyo account. This will take you to the Apps dashboard. 

2. From the Apps dashboard click on “HRMS”. This will land you on the HRMS dashboard. From the dashboard click on “Others”.  

3. A dropdown will appear. From the dropdown click on “Workflow.

4. This will take you to the workflow dashboard. You can either create a new workflow or can choose the type of workflow your want to create from the dropdown menu. 

5. Fill in the required details and publish your workflows. 


In Zimyo payroll software, you can manage and configure the PF and ESI details by navigating to Configuration>PF&ESI. 

You can add/modify the details of the PF & ESI calculations from this window as per your requirements.