How can companies drive continuous performance conversations with employees?

Wednesday | 15th June


Chetna Gogia


pradyumna pandey

Pradyumna Pandey

Mother Dairy

Ansh Aggarwal

Sr. Marketing Manager

Discussion Points

  • The need of the hour: The ladder to success- Importance of a Performance Management System.
  • What are the current challenges the management faces in managing performance, and how can one establish performance benchmarks separately for each department.
  • Employee Engagement & Performance- What are the traditional ways of measuring performance, and how can new methods and advanced technology help drive the right performance culture and ease succession planning?
  • How to keep every employee engaged by ensuring they are appreciated and motivated at every level?
  • How crucial is the implementation of performance management software in the success of any organization?

Key Takeaways

  • Performance Management System is not only about appraisals:- The cycle of Performance Management System amidst remote working.
  • How crucial is the implementation of performance management software:- Goal Setting360-degree framework9box Matrix
  • Employee Disengagement:- Transparency of KPIs and OKRs, Avoiding miscommunication between the manager and employee
  • The significant role that technology plays in Succession planning.