Training Director | Job Description Template

To plan and manage all training and development initiatives inside our company, we are searching for a training director. 

The duties of the training director include planning group and individual learning courses, managing the training budget, and determining training needs based on skills gap studies. You need to have a lot of expertise in planning, training and creating lesson plans in order to succeed in this position. 

In the end, you will assist us in enhancing the abilities of our workforce to raise output, productivity, and staff retention.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • work experience as a training manager, director of training, or in a position related
  • Human Resources, Learning and Development, Organizational Psychology, or a related field for BSc or MSc degrees 

Skills Required for the job 

  • comprehensive knowledge of both conventional and modern training techniques (including workshops, simulations, e-learning and coaching) 
  • having experience planning training events for businesses 
  • practical knowledge in project management and budgeting 
  • Working knowledge of learning management systems (LMS) 
  • Excellent leadership and communication abilities 

Job Responsibilities

  • To determine training needs for each department, team, and individual, use performance reviews and skills gap analysis. 
  • Develop career plans 
  • Adapt training initiatives to corporate objectives 
  • Learning educational activities, programs, and materials 
  • control the annual and quarterly training budgets 
  • Analyze the outcomes of your learning courses. 
  • To create a culture of continual learning, implement coaching sessions and mentorship programs. 
  • Introduce fresh training strategies (including e-learning courses and game-based platforms)

Company Offerings

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