Software Architect | JD Template

We’re seeking a skilled Software Architect who can make intuitive high-level software development decisions. To guide the development team, you’ll see the “big picture” and build architectural approaches for software design and implementation.

A fantastic software architect possesses a strong technical background as well as exceptional IT skills. They have design knowledge and the ability to create a unified vision for software features and functions.

The purpose is to establish a foundation for creating high-quality IT solutions by developing software or systems.

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Educational Qualification 

  • Proven track record as a software architect
  • Master’s degree or higher in computer science, engineering, or a related subject

Skills required for the job

  • Software development and coding experience in a variety of languages (C#,.NET, Java, etc.)
  • Excellent understanding of software and application architecture and design
  • Excellent understanding of UML and other modeling techniques.
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and UI/UX design knowledge
  • Understanding the fundamentals of software quality assurance
  • A technical mindset with a keen eye for detail is required.
  • Organizational and leadership abilities of the highest caliber
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with others to determine the functional and non-functional needs for new software or applications.
  • Create representations for the functionalities and user interface of the desired product using tools and processes.
  • Create high-level product requirements that take system integration and practicality into account.
  • Define all areas of development, from the right technology to the right workflow to the right coding standards.
  • Provide technical direction and coaching to developers and engineers by effectively communicating all concepts and guidelines to the development team. Oversee the development team’s progress to guarantee consistency with the initial design.
  • Ensure that software satisfies all quality, security, modifiability, and extensibility criteria.
  • Before launching, approve the final product.


Company Offerings

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