Senior Accountant | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a Senior Accountant with experience in managing and verifying financial transactions to handle general accounting operations. Reconciling account balances and bank statements, keeping the general ledger, and planning month-end closure processes are all tasks of a senior accountant. To examine financial data and predictions, a competent Senior Accountant combines good analytical abilities with a deep understanding of accounting concepts. In addition, the ideal applicant has worked with and/or managed a team of Accountants and Junior Accountants. 

Senior Accountants are also responsible for assuring the correctness and efficiency of all accounting tasks.

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Educational Qualifications 

  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related subject is required. 
  • Certification in a relevant field (e.g., CMA Or CPA) will be desired.

Skills Required for the job

  • Experience as a Financial Controller, Accounting Supervisor, Chief, or Senior Accountant is required. 
  • Basic accounting processes are well-understood. 
  • Detailed knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) (GAAP) 
  • Trends in the business world 
  • Financial accounting statements are something you should be familiar with. 
  • General ledger functions and the month-end/year-end closing process experience 
  • Working knowledge of accounting software products such as FreshBooks and QuickBooks 
  • Vlookups and pivot tables are advanced MS Excel skills. 
  • Precision and a keen eye for detail 
  • Quantitative abilities and arithmetic aptitude 

Job Responsibilities

  • Accounts payable and receivable are verified, allocated, posted, and reconciled. 
  • Produce error-free accounting reports and provide them with their findings. 
  • Analyze financial data and provide a summary of the financial situation. 
  • Identify flaws and provide recommendations to enhance efficiency and expenditure. 
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance in the field of management accounting. 
  • Examine accounting systems and practices and provide recommendations for changes. 
  • Manage bookkeepers and accounting assistants. 
  • Participate in the development of financial standards and the forecasting process. 
  • Contribute to the department’s goal-setting process. 
  • Prepare financial statements and a budget in a timely manner. 
  • Assist with tax returns and audits. 
  • To guarantee compliance, conduct internal and external audits. 
  • Plan, allocate and evaluate the work of your employees. 
  • Assist with the month-end and year-end closing processes. 
  • To maintain and reinforce internal controls, develop and record company procedures and accounting policies.

Company Offerings

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