Customer Service Trainer | Job Description Template

We are searching for a customer service trainer to provide interactive seminars and training for our support, sales, and customer service employees. 

Consumer Assistance The duties of a trainer include leading on-the-job coaching, creating educational materials, and planning new hire training sessions. We’d want to meet you if you have experience training people in soft skills like negotiating and problem-solving. 

In the end, you’ll make sure that our customer service representatives advance their knowledge and satisfactorily attend to clients’ demands.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • working as a customer service trainer or in a position similar 
  • Education, human resources, or a related field BSc 

Skills Required for the job 

  • A benefit is having previous work experience in sales or customer service. 
  • understanding of learning management systems (LMS) 
  • knowledge of interactive learning methods 
  • Excellent presentation and communication abilities 
  • A plus is additional training certification.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create printed and digital educational materials (e.g. videos and manuals) 
  • Plan classroom-style seminars on the benefits of products and sales strategies. 
  • Play role-playing games to hone your social abilities (e.g. negotiation, teamwork and conflict management) 
  • Individual and team skill deficiencies should be identified 
  • Plan routine training sessions (e.g. monthly or quarterly) 
  • Make sure new hires enroll in fundamental sales training programs that cover communication and problem-solving techniques. 
  • Communicate with supervisors and promote coaching on the job (e.g. how to handle difficult client cases) 
  • Organize mentoring initiatives for aspiring customer care agents. 
  • Analyze the effects of each instructional program on employees’ productivity and client satisfaction. 
  • Keep up-to-date records of training materials and courses

Company Offerings

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Other Benefits- (….)