Quid Pro Quo Harassment | Meaning

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

The Latin phrase “Quid Pro Quo” literally stands as the meaning “this for that”. It was mentioned in the Sexual Harassment of Women (Prevention and Redressal) Act 2013, the term “Quid Pro Quo” was used. This terminology is actually used to describe a sort of sexual harassment which is found to take place wherein an exchange of “sexually colored actions” is used as a way to mark the end of the bargain. 

In cases where the Quid Pro Quo Harassment takes place, it is commonly found that the harasser is usually someone who belongs to a position or place of authority. An example of such a harasser could be a manager or maybe it can also be a supervisor in some cases. The harasser is found to use the power of authority that he has over his or her employees or employees that work under him or her. The harasser enjoying the authority begins the bargaining process through this power that they hold. This marks the beginning of the harassment. The bargaining most commonly includes a promise of a benefit that they can attain from their job or the removal of any sort of benefit from the job or addition of any sort of privilege that comes with the job, to begin with.

Another example is that the person enjoying their power and authority, the one who is the harasser, promised to turn in a good review for the employee that they are harassing so they can enjoy certain benefits in their job and career.

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