Nominal Group Technique | Meaning

What is Nominal Group Technique?

A strong team-building method wherein all employees feel valued, the Nominal Group Technique is like a group discussion. It is the method in which a company involves several employees and takes their opinions into account for various important decisions. This not only helps boost employee confidence and trust in the company but also opens the door for more creative and innovative solutions.

Decisions are reached mostly unanimously, and all employees play an important role in the decision-making process.

Who designed the Nominal Group Technique?

The Nominal Group Technique or NGT was designed by two individuals, Andrew H. Van de Ven and Andre Delbecq. It is one step ahead of a commonly known system called Brainstorming. The Nominal Group Technique is a more structured format designed to promote efficiency in the decision-making process. The core idea behind the invention of the Nominal Group technique was to promote quick resolutions and decisions in the company.

Benefits of Nominal Group Technique

There are various benefits to the Nominal Group Technique. Some of them are:

  • Certain employees who are extremely vocal can at times overtake the entire conversation. The NGT allows all members to speak, giving those that are less vocal an equal opportunity to present their ideas.
  • Those employees who do not ordinarily participate actively also get the required push to make meaningful contributions to the company, and it even encourages them to be more vocal and express their ideas.
  • It encourages new employees to get acquainted with the seniors and even gets them actively involved in the company processes quicker. This sense of being valued in the company incentivizes employees to perform better from the start. 
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