HR-OKR | Meaning and Definition

What is HR-OKR?

The full form of HR-OKR is Human Resources Objectives and Key Results. This framework is responsible for maintaining various works and responsibilities in the business, such as Setting up the objectives, regulating the progress and growth, and gaining the targeted results within HR processes. Objectives of an individual or a company are nothing but the desired goals and targets that set a margin to work and achieve beyond that created margin. The objectives must possess the properties of time-bound, quality improvement, and execution of products and services. Key Results are the indicators of gains and outcomes that a team performs for the objective and gets success from a certain point of starting to the finish line of targets, which can be a numerical value or even percentage. 

HR OKR makes it possible for the HRs to focus on the results and progress by concentrating on the objectives and targets, which improves the processes involved in HR. The role played by HR OKR in the life of employees are: –

  • Motivating the employees along with increasing the level of engagement
  • Assisting on the purpose that is mainly the business purpose of the organization
  • Throw light on the priorities
  • Proving an approach, i.e., mostly results-driven
  • Collaboration level increment
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