Behavioral Based Interview Questions | Meaning and Definition

What are behavioral-based interview questions?

It is a popular interviewing technique used by many employers. Basically, instead of asking traditional interview questions about your skills and experience, behavioral-based questions focus on how one has behaved in past situations.

For example, a behavioral-based interview question might be something like, “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer.”

The idea is that one’s past behavior is the best predictor of your future behavior, so asking behavioral questions can give employers insight into how one might perform in the job.

Importance of Behavioral Based Interview Questions

  • These questions are important because they help to assess a candidate’s past behavior, which is the best predictor of future behavior.


  • These questions ask candidates to share specific examples of how they have handled challenging situations in the past. This approach can be more helpful than traditional questions that ask candidates about their skills or strengths.


  • It is useful for making decisions about who to hire, as it can help predict how a candidate will behave in future roles. Additionally, behavioral interview questions can also help reveal potential red flags, such as poor decision-making or difficulty working with others.


  • Behavioral-based interview questions also help to reveal whether a potential employee has any relevant skills or experience. For example, if an interviewer asks about a time when one had to deal with a difficult customer, this could reveal that one has experience dealing with difficult customers and that they may be able to use this experience in their new job.
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