Employee Recognition

Reach, Recognize, Reward, and Retain

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Enables organizations to offer meaningful employee rewards, incentives, and gifts—from unparalleled to unforgettable experiences.

  • Social Recognition Platform 
  • Easy and Simple Recognition Programs
  • Budget Planning and Moderation
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Integrated Rewards and Recognition Platform 
  • Event-Based Rewards 

An industry-leading peer-to-peer recognition system that empowers employees to not only receive recognition but also give recognition to other teammates.

Gain access to a wide array of online rewards or create a customized catalog of incentives and perks – all at a regional or global scale.

Integrate the module with your favorite workflows. Share your recognitions to Slack, WhatsApp, or other social networking sites

Craft customized rewards and recognition programs as per the company’s requirements and size in a matter of minutes. 

Close integration with other HRM modules enables special workflows like additional leaves as a reward or cash redemption.

Intuitive analytics dashboard to give you valuable insights into your workforce including undercover achievers, engagement trends, and corporate value effectiveness.

Cloud-based recognition platform keeps your data safe and secure, thus mitigating the risk of loss or misuse of valuable company data.

Be it a successful start-up or a multinational organization, our people and tools know how to successfully cater to their needs. 

Foster team camaraderie by broadcasting people appreciation onto an organizational-wide social network.

Deep Analytics enables organizations to measure program performance and effectiveness. HR leaders can generate multiple reports in just a few clicks. 

Our cloud-based employee engagement platform makes it easy to submit, approve, and reward employees.  

Surprise your employees by automating rewards for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays

Help managers effectively plan budgets per program, per department to curb the risk of overspending. 

Say hello to our fully responsive solution that makes the platform easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Powered by the latest cloud, social, mobile, and data science technologies, the tool is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’re starting a recognition program or improving and expanding on what you already have, Zimyo has everything you need to build stronger relationships with your employees. 

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